According to the classification of different tissues bubble


According to the classification of different tissues: kraft paper bags bubble bubble bag, pearl film bubble bag, bubble bag, aluminum platinum transparent bubble bag(two layer, three layer division) according to the classification of materials of differentbubble bag: ordinary bubble bags, anti-static bubble bag, bubble bag guide static electric. Application: mainly used for product packaging at present post. Bubble bagcontaining the shock bubble film, there are countless small bubble bubble film, so the body is light, flexible, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti scratch function, widely used in electronics, instruments, ceramics, arts and crafts, household appliances,bicycle, kitchen, furniture, hardware tools products, glass products and precision instrument etc. the seismic buffer, protective packaging. Can prevent in the transmission process of items, vibration extrusion and friction, afraid afraid ofextrusion pressure goods has certain protective effects. In addition, through adding different additive in the raw material can also create a variety of special anti-staticbubble bag. Anti static bubble bags, bags for packaging electronic components,components, such as integrated circuit board, card, which can prevent static electricity can play a buffer role of earthquake.